Warranty and Returns


To use durable products, to apply their warranty and to make sure you can make a complaint, please follow the conditions of their usage (laundry, ironing, chemically processing etc..) The terms of use are set by the manufacturer and marked on the package details.


In the case of a factory or manufacture defect found upon receipt of the product from the courier, please immediately call: 0896698526. In transport defect you can take advantage of your right written below. If you found a manufacturing defect or malfunction is not due to misuse, please make a claim to our e-mail. Each case will be examined individually. You will be informed about our decision on your e-mail. Conditions for return of purchased products are described bellow.

Conditions for return of purchased goods.

If for any reason the customer has made a mistake and has purchased wrong goods, please contact to us to decide how to proceed. Each case is considered individually. The cost of the returning the product and sending the new one is paid by the buyer. If the new purchase is more expensive the customer should pay the difference. We reserve the right not to accept the return of the product in our sole discretion, if circumstances warrant.

If the customer wishes to return the received product he can take advantage of this right in 15 / fifteen / days after the purchase, if the goods are in an excellent presentation without broken package and not used. The goods can be returned to our office by courier. Transport costs are borne by the customer and are non-refundable. After receiving the returned item, it's value without the transportation cost are reimbursed to the customer - in cash or in an bank account within 30 days. Every customer can exercise his right to replace the purchased goods with another product.

Not eligible for replacement are the following products:
In case of returning the already purchased product and the conditions of integrity of the package are observed, we reimburse the value of the product to the client. All costs incurred for client receipt and return of the purchased goods shall be borne by the customer

Refuse an order

The customer has the right to refuse to accept the purchased good in one of the following conditions:
  • The delivered item does not correspond to the purchased one and this can be determined by mere inspection.
  • price which the customer should pay is more than the amount due.
  • A discrepancy between the purchased and the goods delivered, which was not detectable at the time of delivery, the customer may want to replace the goods by a corresponding statement made by him, within 24 hours of receipt.
  • The client may, without compensation, return the goods within 15 days from the day following its receipt in the case, if the item is in its original box, intact and unused.
  • If a third party is committed to accept the products ordered on behalf of the original client did and paid the same it has no right to return the goods or to make objections without the consent of the original client.
  • In case of visible damage of the consignment at the time of its transmission third party may refuse to accept the shipment, or to take its responsibility. If the third part has accepted such an item the customer loses the right to claim.


  • Subject of the claim can be any goods, which does not meet the client's request. The client may refuse it immediately upon receipt by the courier and not to accept it. For obvious discrepancy of the purchased one immediately contact by phone 0896698526. Compliance is checked by the product name in the query and the name of the product that has received customer. In establishing such an error, the customer returns the product at our expense and we send him the right at our expense.
  • The claim can not be accepted if the customer has been advised of the discrepancy or defect in the product.
  • If upon receipt of the item, it is broken or with torn packaging claim will be honored only in the presence of the courier into the actual receipt of the goods. In this case, immediately call: 0896698526 or refuse to accept goods from the courier. The claim shall be certified by an entry in the bill by the recipient on receipt of the consignment..
  • In case of visible damage of the consignment at the time of its submission shall be prepared (in duplicate) protocol, which described the findings status of the parcel and its contents. In this case, the client may refuse to accept the shipment, or to take its responsibility. If the client accepts such shipment and barred their claims to courier upon receipt of the complaint and responsibilities transferred to the courier. In such circumstances, complaint is forwarded to the courier company.
  • When filing a claim within 15 / fifteen / days of purchase for all conditions of the store, as well as all applicable laws, the customer can claim a refund for the return of the goods to another for rebates or for free repair. All costs which the client has made to obtain the return of the purchased goods shall be borne by the customer
  • Not entitled to claim a person is a third party upon receipt of shipment and is the primary payer under it.

Service Returns

Returns service is in the order described below..
  • Fill a form to make a complaint with a detailed statement of the reasons for the claim. This form is for goods. Fill in only when the customer wants to exercise their rights in 15 / fifteen / days of receipt of the goods and there is no damage due to transportation to the customer.
  • After receiving the form, we reply to the client at a valid e-mail address. We reserve the right not to accept the finding of the customer if we determine that the reason for his complaint is unfounded or due to improper use by the customer.
  • If the resulting form is not clear about the reasons alleged in complaint, we inform the client about his rights to make clear his complaints / phone or a valid e-mail / customer returns the purchased product in a convenient way for him and on his behalf to the company's office.
  • For each item returned with a claim we make a written statement which is followed by a review of a commission which includes importer and manufacturer opinion is filled with acceptance or rejection of the claim.
  • After shaping the ascertainment and acceptance of the claim as valid, we notify the customer by phone or e-mail and we take the following actions in service of the claim:

    1. send the customer a new product of the same type for own account
    2. In case you can not be assured that product offers an option for another product of the same value
    3. In case you can not be secured the same product ASK Komers Ltd. restores the value at the statutory procedure.

  • In rejecting the claim and completed written statement, we inform the client of its opinion by sending a copy of the report to the specified e-mail address. The client should notify us by phone or e-mail to inform us how to proceed with the claimed goods. When ordering for the return, product and ascertainment are sent to the customer in a convenient way for him, as are the costs of obtaining at his expense
  • If 30 / thirty / days after notification of the opinion the client does not look up for his good, we reserve the right to dispose of the goods as judge.

By reading these conditions and subsequently use the electronic store shop, as a customer, you unconditionally agree with them. If you disagree with the above, please do not use our store.

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